Trent Alexander-Arnold Was sent to play in midfield in England home

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Trent Alexander-Arnold Was sent to play in midfield in England home game against Bosnia 3-0.

  • He revealed that he is ready to play in every position. Just being able to play on the field continuously is enough.
  • Trent is also listed as a goal scorer. From the moment of shooting without catching It was the most beautiful goal in the game last night.

After the game, England won at home against Bosnia 3-0. Trent Alexander-Arnold Interviewed with the media about the issue where he was sent onto the field as a central midfielder alongside Conor Gallagher before moving back to play in the right-back position and was able to score a beautiful goal. Trent said that he Ready to play in every position the coach orders. As long as he continues to play on the field And he is delighted that Garreth Southgate has trusted him to manage the midfield.

“I have spoken with the manager before. And he saw my potential to play in that position.”

“In my opinion I don’t mind playing in any position. I just want to play as much as possible this summer. I think it was a good night. We have laid a solid foundation and can gradually build on it. But not playing for more than two weeks made us start a bit slow.”

“We gradually built up our game and we played better in the second half. There is fine-tuning and focus throughout the game. Which has many advantages. I love playing football and I’m really excited. I’m hungry to get on the field. And I love playing for my national team.”

In addition, the manager of the Three Lions team also praised Trent’s beautiful goal.

“We all know his quality. So we don’t have to say much about what we already know. It was a beautiful goal, he (Trent) made difficult goals look easy.”

Even though the actual position of Alexander-Arnold will remain the right-back he has always been. But in the recent period, due to the quality of his precise footwork and his weaknesses in defensive play, Trent has often been moved to play in the midfield position with Liverpool and the English national team, which is considered to bring out his strengths and cover them up. Interesting disadvantages Therefore, in the upcoming Euro 2024 football tournament. We will definitely see Trent in a more midfield role.