Southgate reveals Kane ask for a penalty kick but he refuse

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Southgate reveals Kane ask for a penalty kick but he refuse

  • Southgate said in an interview that Harry Kane asked to be substituted on the field for the penalty shootout. But he refused.
  • Harry Kane will start in Friday’s game against Iceland.
  • Cole Palmer scored a penalty. It was his first goal with the English national team.

Garreth Southgate gave an interview to the media after the game.

Which England defeated Bosnia 3-0 at St. James Park, revealing that at the time the Lions team received a penalty from Ezri Konsa at Pushed during the corner kick, Harry Kane. Who was preparing to enter the field, came and asked to be substituted to kill that penalty.

However, Southgate showed his firmness by ufabet immediately refusing. The lead goal came from Cole Palmer, who scored his first goal for England’s senior national team in last night’s game, before Kane was substituted and scored the same goal late in the game.

“Our plan was that he would only play for half an hour today.

Then start as a starter in Friday’s game. He had the courage to ask me to be substituted for the penalty shootout. But I won’t let that happen. The good news is that our team got through the past few days without any new issues popping up.”

“It’s important that we get through the first few games to get a clearer picture. The injured players are recovering well and Bosnia are a competitor with great effort and determination.”

“It was a match where we got to knock out some rust. Plus we played well at the end. which the score table shows We have many new players available. And when everything started to fall into place We scored a goal.”

“A lot of the players don’t play for England very often, so it was a rough start. I think the intensity of the game was at a level that I was satisfied with. Wins and clean sheets are what we want all the time.”