Revealing the green light, “Chelsea” can sell the team

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The British government has given the green light to allow Chelsea the Blues to resume the sale of the club. After being suspended. Because Roman Abramovich was frozen.

Noble government decides to boycott Abramovich on Thursday of his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Including a ban on selling the club, which Chelsea tried to negotiate with the government to ask the club to continue as usual again.

A recent news report from The Athletic. The government and US bank Rain Group. To manage the sale of the club. The club as before Abramovich. Within four to six weeks. After a number of investors have expressed interest. Although no official proposal.

Now the government has issued a special license to Chelsea. able to compete normally and allow employees to receive regular salary

That Rain Group intends to apply. For a second special license to proceed.
With the sale of the club. After ensuring that the desired bidder.

The process of selling Chelsea can only continue with Abramovich. can prove to the government that He will not personally receive any benefit from such transactions. Ufabet TV report

In the end, if Chelsea can’t sell the team in time. The media reports that Chelsea’s operating.

The media in England also reported that. By Barclays Bank. to check the license after the boycott