Real Madrid gave to Mbappe after his official debut.

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Real Madrid gave to Mbappe after his official debut.

  • Mbappe accepts huge pay cut to join Real Madrid
  • Florentino Perez wants to control players’ wages. In order not to cause division within the team
  • Mbappe will receive a huge sum of money from his signing, up to £128m.

After news confirmed that Kylian Mbappe is preparing to move to Real Madrid in a world-historic deal.

Of course, many people would imagine that the French star would receive a huge salary. However, the truth is that Mbappe is paid less than many other Premier League players. the world champion star ยูฟ่าเบท will receive a large sum of money from signing a contract at one time. But not with wages which will be at the level of normal star players only.

Football London reports that Kylian Mbappe’s salary (in pounds) will be around £250,000 per week after tax. This is a huge drop from his last contract with PSG, which paid him £1.1m a week, making him the seventh highest paid player. of Real Madrid only The players who receive more wages than him include:

1. Toni Kroos (400,000 pounds / week)
2. David Alaba (370,000 pounds / week)
3. Luka Modric (360,000 pounds / weeks)
4. Vinicius Jr. (£350,000/week)
5. Jude Bellingham (£350,000/week)
6. Federico Valverde (£280,000/week)

If Mbappe’s salary is compared with those of Premier League players, it will be found that the French star receives less money than many other players each week, respectively.

1. Kevin De Bruyne (400,000 pounds/ week)
2. Erling Haaland (£380,000/week)
3. Casemiro (£350,000/week)
4. Mohamed Salah (£350,000/week)
5. Rafael Varane (340,000 pounds/week)
6. Raheem Sterling (325,000 pounds/week)
7. Marcus Rashford (300,000 pounds/week)
8. Bernardo Silva (300,000 pounds/ week)
9. Jack Grealish (£300,000/week)
10. Kai Harvetz (£280,000/week)

However, the situation is not that Mbappe is willing to take a huge pay cut just.

Because he wants to play for Real Madrid alone. But in the case where he accepted a low salary because Florentino Perez wanted to control the wage ceiling of the players in the team so that it was not too high, causing discord in the dressing room, including Mbappe. will receive a large sum of money from agreeing to join the White King’s army alone, up to a maximum of 128 million pounds. So anyone who is afraid that young man Kylian Mbappe will receive a reduced salary You can definitely be at ease.