Pochettino posts heartfelt farewell to club after parting ways with Chelsea

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Pochettino posts heartfelt farewell to club after parting ways with Chelsea

  • Pochettino reveals his feelings for the first time after parting ways with Chelsea
  • The 52-year-old coach thanked the board, players, staff and Chelsea fans and wished them luck.
  • Pochettino and team will return to Stamford Bridge for another socceraid event this weekend.

After announcing his departure from Chelsea two weeks ago,

Mauricio Pochettino has been silent from football for a while amid doubts as to why the 52-year-old manager has decided to step down. The position of head coach of the Blues team, even at the end of the season, was able to lead the team to accelerate their form until they finished in 6th place. Most recently, Pochettino came out to make a move through his personal Instagram, posting a message saying thank you. Clubs and football fans

“To all the team owners And all sports directors, we (Pochettino and the team) are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to return to work in the Premier League again working for a great club like Chelsea and thank you. For all the support you have given us. From all the players, staff, and fans – thank you.”

We understand the importance of this club to you.

And that is why we work so hard to make Chelsea a team you can be proud of. I am impressed with how the team has improved and how the players and staff have worked hard to raise the bar. These people deserve credit. And I hope you think the same as me.”

“I know that our form has had its ups and downs สมัคร ufabet this season. But we have always believed that the team will develop to the point where it can play consistently. I believe this season’s experience will be an important point in making the players stronger in the future. It has been an honor to work with all of them. And I am honored by the closeness we have shared over the past year.”

“I wish all of you even more success next season. And I’m so excited to be back at Stamford Bridge soon for @socceraid and I hope we’ll see you there too.”