Mourinho is boiling!! Crank the media ‘Your work is easier.

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Jose Mourinho, these days, the fire element often interferes. clearly expressed dissatisfaction with reporters Refusing to answer all questions after the game lost a messy nest to Inter Milan 3-0, plus a sore-garde response. “Your job is much easier than ours. That’s why we earn more than you.”

Namu’s Wolf Squad messed up Raiders forced a 3-0 defeat with all 3 goals from the first 39 minutes of the game. Increase the pressure to work for the Portuguese coach. With the team losing seven of their first 16 league games, despite being fifth in the Champions League, nine points clear of the Champions League

after the game, Mourinho sat down for an interview with reporters. But the person in a bad mood refused to answer all questions.

Before responding to the reporters in a very sassy style that “Your job is much easier than ours. That’s why we earn more than you.”

Namu also defended the team by admitting that Inter Milan were the better team.

“Inter is better than us on a good day. Inter in fact better than us, tonight’s game was difficult because of the lack of players, they had 29 more points than us last season, we had 3 golden chances with 2 of them coming when 0-0″

The missing players Mourinho referred to were Tammy Abraham, Rick Karsdorp and Lorenzo Pellegrini, all of whom were key players. I use it regularly.According to a report from ufabet.