Manchester City and Liverpool have a chance to win the championship this season.

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Former England midfielder Danny Murphy sees only Manchester City and Liverpool as the two teams. That have a chance of reaching the English Premier League championship this season.

    In the current situation, the “Reds” lead the pack with 70 points. While Arsenal comes in second with 68 points and the “Sailboats” with 67 points. With the final 8 games of the season remaining. From the remaining programs, Murphy does not see Mikel Arteta’s team as being able to reach the championship.

    “This is what we need to compete for the Premier League title. Unless you’re a Manchester City fan. You probably don’t want that.” Murphy told talkSport UFABET 

    “I wanted Arsenal to win the championship last season. It’s not that I don’t admire Manchester City, of course I do. This is a fantastic team and has a great manager. But we want to compete in the Premier League.”

    “I don’t think Arsenal will reach the finish line because of the program. With Spurs away, away at Old Trafford and Brighton. They have three tough away games where they must fight to win them all. I think Liverpool’s and Man City’s paths are easier.”

    “I think Liverpool have a good attacking game. Only the game against Tottenham worries me. Man City also have a good schedule. I think the best thing for Liverpool is to be eliminated from the FA Cup because that makes them fitter.

    “I don’t think Liverpool will miss again. They are better than United [on Sunday].”