Man Utd is confident that he will be able to grab “Rodgers” if in the end

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Reports from the UK indicate that Manchester United are confident that they can pull the big Leicester City Brendan Rodgers into the team in place, Old Tampa, FL Ford was

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has also served as manager of the Red Devils, despite his recent home defeats to both Liverpool and Manchester City, and he is reported to remain at the club after the international break.

However, at the same time there were rumors that Man United have had an oral agreement with Rodgers in order to allow the Northern Irish head coach to take the position of the new boss of the team, the

latest Daily Star, now that Man United has increased confidence that. Will be able to pull a 48-year-old coach into the team. If in the end they really choose to fire the Shoals.

Common thinking around Manchester United management is that if they had to replace Solskjaer

Rodgers, although not wanting to leave Leicester But at the same time he sees the opportunity with Man. United is hard to deny.

The report also states that Rodgers’ contract with Leicester is inevitable if a team plays in the Champions League. The league made an offer.According to a report from ufabet.