Lampard firm ready to give Alli a chance to start over

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Everton boss Frank Lampard insists he is ready to give Dele Alli a chance to start over. without caring about the past

The England midfielder moved to the Taffy to start over. Despite the interest from Newcastle United,

the 25-year-old struggled with Tottenham Hotspur, having made just 10 appearances in the Premier League this season. Only

There was talk of ambition and plenty of respectful nods to a proud club’s past. But, as Frank Lampard faced the cameras for the first time in his new job, one thing above all leapt from his words: realism.

Tradition invites supporters to get excited at the appointment of a new manager and those who follow Everton certainly hope Lampard’s arrival is a trigger for a more settled period, given the number of comings and goings over the last six years. He must be given the opportunity to succeed.

Lampard insists he will not consider the past. And ready to push Alli to fulfill his potential.

“I watched Dele step up, he’s an amazing player,” he said to ufabet

. But I won’t care about that. he too There could be many reasons for that.”

“My job right now is to give me a chance to start over. Put him in the environment and support him. and pushing him to be the player we know he can be Every qualification, every skill, every technique, he has everything.”