‘Henderson’ to continue playing in Saudi Arabia

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Jordan Henderson is set to continue playing in Saudi Arabia until the end of this season. By Al-Ittifak Not considering releasing players in January,

Henderson – a key transfer target for Ajax and Juventus – only flew to join the squad in Dubai on Sunday. For the two-week winter training trip,

it is expect that club officials Will talk with him. About the situation that happened in the past 1-2 weeks. After it was report that the player want to return to football in Europe. And informed Henderson. That he was not ready to do business with any team. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

Henderson, currently 33 years old, with his family. There are problems adjusting to life in Saudi Arabia. The former Liverpool midfielder is aware that there are many clubs in Europe. Who are interested in bringing him back to football on loan.

For Ajax, they are serious about signing Henderson, with the interim head coach confirming that he has spoken with the player. Just waiting for him to negotiate with the agency,

while Juventus is looking to bring in 3 new midfielders in the winter market. Besides Calvin Phillips of Manchester City, they see Henderson. Has the perfect profile for the team:

Henderson moved from Liverpool to play for Al-Ittifaq for £12 million. But both he and Steven Gerrard coach Unable to awaken good form. The team has now been winless for 9 consecutive matches and will return to play again in the middle of next month.