Confirm that “Mayoral” is in the purple

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Stefano Antonelli representative in the talks, said Borja Mayoral pioneered a loan of Roma were to move in with John Fiore’s comment certainly almost 100 percent

racing age 24. He moved from Real Madrid to the Wolves of Rome on a two-season loan, with a contract worth €20 million last summer.

Although the Bull-blooded star has been on the field. Continuously last season But this season, he has only played in three league games and Roma do not consider signing,

However, Mayoral has attracted interest from the “Fiorentina”. Who must be interested in seizing the player to join the army. In his

latest loan deal, Antonelli has revealed that Mayoral’s transfer is 98 per cent certain.

“It’s 98 percent sure,” he told Tuttomercatoweb.

“Roma will take some action on the right wing position. And will sign a striker instead when Borja Mayoral

leaves the team.” Mayoral’s arrival is expected to allow Fiorentina.

Borja Mayoral’s option is of considerable interest to the board due to his complicated situation in Roma.

And that Real Madrid has no intention of staying with him because they feel that he is not at the level to be the substitute for Karim Benzema and that he handles the possibility.

That they look for a center forward next summe.To let Dusan Vlajovic leave. team since January.According to a report from ufabet.