“Balogan” rocking to prove himself outside the gun arch.

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England Under-21s manager Lee Carsley believes Arsenal forward Folarin Balogan should move on to prove himself to another team.

At the age of eight, he has been impressing in the young squad, scoring 38 goals and eight assists in 41 games. At U18 level and 33 goals and 9 assists in 58 games at U23 level.

The aristocracy was given the opportunity to enter the field with a very small set. By going down to a total of 9 shots, which happened this season, only three shots.

Carsley thinks Balokan should move out. To prove himself to other teams. to build self-confidence in the abilities that he already has

“I can say that many clubs across Europe have recognized Flo’s talent and what he has done is to prove himself,” he said.

“He has to impress himself and look at himself in the mirror. and has outstanding talent, character and dedication. He is a player that many people are looking forward to seeing.”

The young striker has received scant chances at the Emirates Stadium so far this season

To seek a temporary move away from the Emirates Stadium by his England Under-21s boss Lee Carsley, who believes the forward has a chance to shine this week with his country.