Agent persuaded “Liverpool” to grab “Carvalho” star of Fulham.

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Famous agent George Mendes Trying to negotiate for Liverpool to grab Fulham’s winger Fabio Carvalho.

In the past week there has been news that the “Liverpool” are confident they will be able to bring.

The 19-year-old to the team as he has a contract at Craven Cottage until the end of this season.

Football agent Joge Mendes, who’s top star is Cristiano Ronaldo, wants Fulham’s Fabio Carvalho to be a client and wants him to move to Liverpool as soon as possible.

Known for managing Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester City’s Ruben Dias, Mendes is a top agent that knows talent when he sees it. 

Carvalho is one player he sees so much potential is wanting him to be added to his list of clients.

Carvalho is having an impressive debut after seven games. In the Championship for the club, scoring three goals and assisting, according to the Daily Mail, according to his agent Mendes.

Efforts have been made to move players. To Anfield and prepare to persuade the Merseyside club,

the latest deal in which Mendes was involved in bringing players to Liverpool is Diogo Cho. Da from Wolverhampton Wanderers last summer.

The report added that Mendes had previously tried. To offer his clients to both Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but now his focus is on Liverpool.

Carvalho was born in Lisbon, Portugal. and used to be with Benfica’s academy. He joined Fulham in 2014 and has now been called up to the England U16, U17 and U18 squad.