How to choose and buy delicious watermelon in 3 steps

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We’ll know if it’s delicious or not when we eat it. And fruits like watermelon are fruits that have a peel. You must dissect it to determine if it is bright red and sweet or not. But we have a way to see from the outside which ones are sweet and which are not. Which ones are ripe or not? With the following points of observation:

watermelon slice.Many big sweet green watermelons and one cut watermelon.

The stem is very curled = very sweet.

The more the stem is bent, the sweeter it is. Because if the stem is straight, it means that the watermelon has not fully grown yet. If the stem is bent, it will signal to the gardener that it is time to harvest. If you choose to buy a watermelon stem, there are no noticeable points. It might be because it fell off when picked from the tree or the shrewd merchant didn’t let us notice it. We chose the one that had a stem attached to it, so we wouldn’t make a mistake.

Lines on the bottom close together = thin shell.

Look at the pattern on the bottom if the pattern is very close together. Shows that it’s cooked. Light green, dark green, clearly divided colors The rind of a mature watermelon is thin. The flesh inside will be red, sweet, and delicious.

Set of watermelon fruits isolated on white background

If the lines are far apart = the grain lines are far apart. The darker the skin, the clearer the lines, the more beautiful and delicious it is.

Fully ripe watermelons are dark green with clear stripes. The further apart the stripes are, the further apart the watermelon seed lines inside will be. And those with clear lines and colors show that they have received full water and fertilizer.

arranged slices of  red watermelon

Finally, when choosing to buy a watermelon, the first thing to observe is to choose a large watermelon first, 4 kilos or more, and then follow the 3 steps above. Guarantee that you will get sweet, delicious watermelon as you imagine.

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