Benefits of guava, a rainy season fruit

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Guava is a popular fruit for health lovers. It is sweet, crisp, delicious, easy to buy, and inexpensive. In addition, guava is also considered a fruit that is known as Fruits with the highest vitamin C content 5 times higher than oranges! So we’ll take everyone to dig deeper.  Benefits of guavas The medicinal properties of guava, a rainy season fruit, but easy to find every season, actually have more goodness than you know. Importantly, it’s low in calories and low in sugar, suitable for people who are controlling their weight. Having said this, don’t wait any longer. Come along and read the benefits of foreigners together.

Benefits of guava Properties of guava

      Guava is considered a fruit that contains many vitamins and minerals. It is considered to be the fruit with the highest vitamin C content among all types of fruit. One guavas provides up to 377 milligrams of vitamin C, or 5 times more than an orange, plus vitamins B1-B2 and vitamin A. ufabet

Guava helps control weight. Radiant skin

       Guava is a healthy fruit. Very suitable for those who want to lose weight. or are controlling their weight Because guavas is full of dietary fiber. Helps you feel full for a long time and makes you hungry slowly This is because fiber helps maintain stable blood sugar levels. In addition, fiber helps in overall detoxification. Therefore causing the skin to look radiant and bright.

Benefits and properties of guava leaves and guavas roots

  • Guavas leaves are use to deodorize the mouth. By taking 3-5 fresh leaves, chewing them and then spitting out the residue.
  • Guavas leaves help relieve toothache and swollen gums.
  • Boiled water from fresh guavas leaves helps treat gold loss. Prevent inflammatory bowel disease
  • The leaves help treat gastritis and diarrhea.
  • Tea made from young leaves is use to treat dysentery.
  • The leaves help relieve pain caused by ingrown toenails.
  • The leaves are use to treat mosquito allergies.
  • Guavas leaves are use to treat wounds.The leaves are used as a medicine for washing wounds. Sucking out pus, detoxifying wounds, curing chronic poisoning, frostbite.
  • The roots are used to relieve nosebleeds.
  • The roots are used to cure lymphatic fluid, abscesses, and blisters.

Benefits and Precautions To eat guavas seeds

  • Guava seeds have high antibacterial properties.
  • Helps improve intestinal health Reduce diarrhea including dysentery
  • The body receives vitamin C carotenoids, which are beneficial to patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Guava seeds, if not chewed thoroughly, may result in a blockage in the intestines causing inflammation. You must be careful.