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Monthly Archives: October 2023

10 benefits of “pumpkin” for weight loss, diabetes, and cancer

The clean food trend continues to be strong throughout the year. and will likely remain with young Thai people for a long time Anyone who buys clean food to eat Or make clean food and eat it yourself. You’ve likely seen this precious ingredient often: “pumpkin“ . Why do most clean


It’s very hot for the health trend right now. Seeing this makes us happy that Thai people are turning to take care of themselves more. The latest is for eating celery vegetable juice (Celery) or what we call it. celeryIt can be said that it sells well,

Benefits of guava, a rainy season fruit

Guava is a popular fruit for health lovers. It is sweet, crisp, delicious, easy to buy, and inexpensive. In addition, guava is also considered a fruit that is known as Fruits with the highest vitamin C content 5 times higher than oranges! So we’ll take everyone to dig deeper.  Benefits of

How to choose and buy delicious watermelon in 3 steps

We’ll know if it’s delicious or not when we eat it. And fruits like watermelon are fruits that have a peel. You must dissect it to determine if it is bright red and sweet or not. But we have a way to see from the outside which ones are sweet